Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toilet Paper - the wrong way

Why why why put toilet paper on its holder the wrong way?

There’s a wrong way? Oh, yes.

Installing the roll with the flow towards the wall (under) is just plain inefficient - it’s harder to reach the end and trickier to tear when you do. 

Have you ever walked into a hotel bathroom and seen it that way? No.

(And you know what group commits this malpractice the most often? Well, you'll see this entry has a 'Sexism' tag)
(You know what else? If I find it 'wrong' - I make it right - that's how strongly I feel about it)

Away from the wall (over) makes all the sense. End of story.

(But stay tuned for the toilet seat myth - it's a doozy)

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  1. Vindicated!