Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Why why why attempt to barge into a public toilet cubicle without checking to see if it’s occupied?

It's probably a sign of superficial character but I found myself aligning with George Costanza when he said, "You know, we're living in a society!"

Even when the “engaged” is purposefully displayed, there’s so often a complete inability to imagine/recall what it is like as the occupant...

Members of a ‘civilisation’ would surely knock.

Passive aggression

Why, why, why is “Passive Aggressive” so demonised? Whoever dreamed that expression up gave the lazy, incompetent and inconsiderate a wall to hide behind from where they can point and laugh at people who actually care about the conditions of a shared environment.
A note is left in a kitchen; “Can people please clean up after themselves?” – oh… oh… sounds to me like a cue for gales of mockery and derision.

WHO could so risibly make such a public declaration of their nothingness? These people, with their civil requests for basic, yea, fundamental levels of order are an embarrassment to themselves and everyone.

Oh to be so guilt free. Seriously, if I ever encountered a note like this, I’d take a look at myself and wonder how I might have contributed to letting communal standards slip. And what I could be doing to bring them back up to scratch.

Others must, I guess, must read them and have one of a range of alternative reactions which could include:

  • Huh?
  • Wha?
  • Oh look, how precious – a ‘passive aggressive’ note – what a sap, what a dweeb – fancy asking the rest of us non-caring slobs to actually DO something about our own mess – Ha – HA! – whoever did that is such a small-minded little nobody nothing I can’t believe it – like I’m ever going to lift my slovenly standards just because some desperate little milksop tries to ‘politely’ ask – how positively, terminally ridiculous
  • Grunt
  • Ooga booga

This, of course, doesn’t represent the full range of responses – there could also be: “I’ll just bet that’s writing, wonder what it says” or smearing their own faeces on the wall [surprisingly common].

It’s obvious those who care and have standards can’t change the actions of those who don’t. But we can at least fight them on their own terms.

So, what I think is called for is a comparable expression for the lazy, incompetent and inconsiderate cunts who can’t be arsed to fulfil their role in a community.

I’m thinking of something along the lines of “lazy, incompetent, inconsiderate cunts”. Is that too harsh? Let’s face it – the rest of us have only had to deal with “passive aggressive” for the past countless years and the lazy, incompetent, inconsiderate cunts might get a bit offended.

Fuck ‘em.