Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Elevator pitch

Why why why try to enter an elevator before letting others exit?
You know, one sees - daily - instances of actions performed that suggest that those performing them are doing so for the very first time in their lives.
What else could explain the complete ignorance (utter lack of consideration?) of the consequences of something so fundamental as... trying to get on to an elevator at the same time as others are attempting to get off? (Say...)
Time and time and time again, I'll be the position of egressor (is that a word?) - the one getting off - and someone else  waiting on that floor to get on... WILL NOT WAIT until I complete my obviously intended manoeuvre. 
They'd rather barge in, against the current as it were, then - here's the niggly part - then react as if the resultant clash has never occurred anytime previously in their entire existence. 
Ha? Wha? 
There's no answer, I know - but it doesn't stop me wondering how the HELL they can't see that simply allowing those who wish to, the space to get off, THEN stepping in - unimpeded - is the way to go.
And yet - despite the fact that that clash MUST have happened to them in the past - the practice persists.
Sigh - there is no rest for the rational.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toilet Paper - the wrong way

Why why why put toilet paper on its holder the wrong way?

There’s a wrong way? Oh, yes.

Installing the roll with the flow towards the wall (under) is just plain inefficient - it’s harder to reach the end and trickier to tear when you do. 

Have you ever walked into a hotel bathroom and seen it that way? No.

(And you know what group commits this malpractice the most often? Well, you'll see this entry has a 'Sexism' tag)
(You know what else? If I find it 'wrong' - I make it right - that's how strongly I feel about it)

Away from the wall (over) makes all the sense. End of story.

(But stay tuned for the toilet seat myth - it's a doozy)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Women and jumpers

Why why why do women remove their jumpers inside-out?

I’m not going to generalise and say all women do it all the time (you can’t really generalise about anything), I’m just saying it’s definitely frequent enough to warrant comment...

For me, though, it typifies a 'general frequency' of the female reluctance to adopt a practise - EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW IT IS SUPERIOR - (there's trouble, right there...)

See, if you take jumpers off right-way-out to begin with, you don’t have to revert them - every... single... time. 

The funny thing is, once you figure out how to do that (not difficult in itself) - I think it's actually easier than doing it, well, 'wrong'.

How is it done? Simple! Don’t pull from the bottom - grip the top by the collar and when you’ve got that bit past your head, remove from arms by grabbing the cuffs. Voila!