Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kitchen Cupboards

Why why why place cups and glasses upside down in your kitchen cupboard?

I'll bet everyone who does this is pretty sure there's a rational reason for this practise - but will have difficulty convincingly verbalising it.

(Don't I sound cantankerous?)

But why shouldn't you? You may ask...

Well, consider - there would not be a kitchen in the world that does not have little unhygienic beasties skittering about in the cupboards. Show me an Aussie kitchen without cockies.

And dust. No matter how thorough you are, there is a fresh (or stale) film building even moments after you last wiped.

OK - so that's the state of the surfaces in your cupboards.

Which brings us back to our upended cups etc. The rims of which now resting on the distinctly undesirable residue.

And what is the part of the cup that we press to our lips as we take a drink?

Personally, I'm glad my drinking edge has been up out of reach of the nasties.

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